DNA Testing

Forensic and DNA Testing Accurate DNA Testing & Analysis from EMSL Analytical, Inc.

Are you looking to put together some of the pieces of your past? Need to determine a child’s paternity? Maybe you’re simply looking to sneak a peek into your genealogical history, or are an investigative body needing assistance with a crime scene investigation.

Whatever the case may be, EMSL Analytical, Inc. wants to be the company you choose for all of your DNA testing needs. Our incredible staff of scientists and technicians are at hand in one of our many laboratories across the country to handle sibling matches, paternity testing, DNA sequencing, ancestry analysis and much more!

Whether you’re a person looking for insight, or a company, you can trust that the team at EMSL Analytical, Inc. will give you the accurate results you expect, with the privacy and protection you deserve.

The DNA Testing Process at EMSL

One tiny strand of your DNA contains the blueprint of your genetic make up. DNA is what gives people their individual traits and characteristics — and you can expect individual attention and care when using EMSL Analytical, Inc. for DNA testing.

Our scientists carefully perform diagnostic testing to identify all kinds of parentage questions, relationships and much more.

The laboratory scientists an EMSL handle your DNA sample with extreme care — and they hold getting the test done properly in the highest regard. We also know that, in many cases, waiting to receive DNA testing results can be incredibly difficult, which is why, in addition to our accuracy, we also receive high marks for expediting the process.

This helps reduce the time that you have to wait for the precious results to return.

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Our test kits offer simple, easy-to-follow instructions that allow both the do-it-yourself or the field professional an added testing service as part of an inspection or prevention strategy. All kits include pre-paid postage and a variety of turnaround options including same-day!

*Lab Fees Required Upon Return For Testing