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From determining guilt or innocence in criminal cases to paternity in civil cases, the forensic sciences are critical in every aspect of the legal system.

If you’re an investigating body, or work as a lawyer, EMSL Analytical, Inc. is available to provide you with the accurate answers you deserve with our forensics testing services. We are available throughout the United States, and are frequently used by professionals looking for assistance with crime scene investigations and civil cases.

Forensics Testing Offered by EMSL Analytical

Accuracy, speed and security are the three keys to forensics testing — and they are what you get when you partner with EMSL Analytical and our family of laboratories throughout the United States.

We provide the following forensics tests to our clients:

  • DNA – DNA tests can help determine paternity in legal cases and much more. Our laboratory can provide results that are incredibly accurate and received quickly.
  • Crime Scene Analysis – Even the most prepared criminals can leave behind a trace — and if they do, EMSL can analyze it for you. Analysis of bloodstains is one of our many specialties.
  • Ballistics – How much distance was in between a shooter and a victim? Where did they shoot from? These are just two of the questions that EMSL can help you and your team answer.
  • Fingerprints – Fingerprints at a crime scene can be powerful evidence against any suspected criminal. The results of the findings by EMSL Analytical, Inc. will be provided digitally to our clients.
  • Controlled-Substances – Toxicology reporting can test for controlled substances of all kinds, including alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • and more

To request a custom quote for service, please contact EMSL Analytical, Inc., the leader in laboratory testing in the U.S. We look forward to working with you!

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Our test kits offer simple, easy-to-follow instructions that allow both the do-it-yourself or the field professional an added testing service as part of an inspection or prevention strategy. All kits include pre-paid postage and a variety of turnaround options including same-day!

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